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Sightings: Death Gospel and the Heart of Saturday Night

death gospel The recent release of Adam Arcuragi’s album Like a Fire that Consumes All Before It€¦ has raised interest in the popular-musical category of “Death Gospel,” a metaphysically attuned variety of the Americana genre named by Arcuragi.

Death Gospel is not sonically related to “Death Metal” (a heavier Heavy Metal music); nor is it overtly “gospel” music.

Sightings: The French Ban on Full-Face Veils

Sightings opinion column The “burqa ban” and its current popularity in Europe raise several questions pertaining to religious expressions in public, freedom of expression, the future of Islam and the growing Muslim population in Europe, but also, as the quote of Camile points to, national identity and citizenship.

The ban rests on the salient notion of French secularism, laïcité, the separation of church and state and the division between private life and public sphere.

Sightings: American Christians and Capitalism

Sightings opinion column “God has cursed the earth. . . This is the starting point for all economic analysis. The earth no longer gives up her fruits automatically. Man must sweat to eat.” So writes Gary North, “the leading proponent of ‘Christian economics,'” which connects his version of biblical principles with the free market.

North’s radical “Reconstructionism,” invented by R. J. Rushdoony, has family resemblances to and influence on some wings of the libertarianism favored by some conservative churches.

Fasting for the Poor

fasting “Why We’re Fasting” is the title of columnist Mark Bittman’s essay in Wednesday’s New York Times, the “we” being himself and David Beckmann, here described as a “reverend,” and “this year’s World Food Prize laureate.” The pastor heads “Bread for the World.”

Yes, why fast?