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Nones: people with ‘no religion’ gaining on major denominations

religion trends Americans who don’t identify with any religion are now 15% of the USA, but trends in a new study shows they could one day surpass the nation’s largest denominations — including Catholics, now 24% of the nation.

As it has grown larger, the no religion or None population is no longer a fringe group and the “None” choice in terms of (ir)religious identification is now attracting wide swaths of Middle America.

Survey shows major faith shifts; Growing group of Americans claim no religion at all

American Religious Indentification Survey America is a less Christian nation than it was 20 years ago, and Christianity is not losing out to other religions, but primarily to a rejection of religion altogether, a survey published Monday found.

The only group that grew in every U.S. state since the 2001 survey was people saying they had “no” religion; the survey says this group is now 15 percent of the population. Mark Silk said this group is likely responsible for the shrinking percentage of Christians in the United States.

But researchers point out that just because people are dropping out of organized religion, that doesn’t mean they’re abandoning faith.

Fastest-growing religious group: `None’

Their numbers have more than doubled in a decade, to nearly 30 million. Organized as a religious denomination, they would trail only Roman Catholics and Baptists in members. They are the “nones,” named for their response to a question in public opinion polls: “What is your religion, if any?” Some nones are atheists, others agnostics, still others self-styled dabblers in a variety of faiths and philosophies. Despite their discomfort with organized religion, many still consider themselves quite spiritual. Take, for example, Matt Blevins, 30, a Portland, Ore., environmentalist who, like many nones, is relatively young, liberal and religiously uncommitted. Sunday

Living the religious life of a none

Growing numbers shed organized church for loose spiritual sensibility Kellee Hom was raised in the Roman Catholic Church but never imagined she’d become a religious none. div> No, not “nun.” That’s “none,” as in “none of the above.” Hom is among a growing number of Americans who simply answer “none” or “no religion” when pollsters ask them their religious affiliation. Some “nones” identify themselves as as atheists or agnostics, but the vast majority believe in God, pray and often describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” “My sense of God transcends all the different religions,” said Hom, a clinical supervisor

‘No religion’ is most common response in Oregon church membership surveys

Just call us ‘ORENONE’: ‘No religion’ is most common response in church membership surveys When Christopher James of Eugene feels the need for introspection, he often straps on his backpack. “When I get out into nature, immediately I can feel my body chemistry change,” he says. “It’s such a physical experience, it affects the rest of me.” James, 28, sees the outdoors as a place to cultivate his spirituality. But ask him about his religion and he’ll tell you he has none. Religion Trends Cafeteria Religion More about religion trends He has plenty of company, throughout the country and especially