Ex-NXIVM student: ‘I think it’s a cult’

Keith Raniere, NXIVM During most of her 25 months as a student of self-improvement programs run by the Colonie-based NXIVM organization, Becca Friedman felt like she was in a dream, but, she said, it became a dreadful nightmare.

Her story, she said, may be useful to people proposing to join or already studying at NXIVM, something she would not recommend.

Fear and tears after Nxivm class

Woman claims stressful, probing conditions used at leadership seminar in Colonie Math teacher Jane Doe wanted to control her temper better so she could one day become a principal. So at the advice of her father, the 28-year-old Philadelphia resident drove to Nxivm in Colonie for a five-day seminar expecting enlightenment and career advice. But by the first evening, Doe says she ran out of the personal development company’s New Karner Road office and left the Capital Region in tears. She says the course, held June 10, consisted of 14-hour classes, probing personal questions and