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Doctor testifies in faith healing trial

Jeffrey and Marci Beagley A doctor considered an expert in the disease that killed a 16-year-old Oregon City boy told a jury Thursday that the boy could have been saved right up to the last minute if his faith-healing parents had sought medical care.

The parents are members of the Followers of Christ Church and reject doctors in favor of faith healing through prayer, anointing with oil and laying on hands.

The church has left a trail of dead children in its wake.

Trial raises new questions in faith-healing debate

Jeffrey and Marci Beagley How can teenage children make informed decisions if they’ve never been to a doctor, have no understanding of their condition and have been raised to reject medical treatment? Do children have the right to refuse medical care?

How much responsibility do parents have for the health of teenage children?

These questions may be answered when yet again two members of the Followers of Christ Church cult will stand trial in the death of a child

Faith-healing parents arrested; plead not guilty in death of son

Followers of Christ Church Neal Beagley, 16, died because of bladder complications nearly four months ago. Authorities said his parents belong to the Followers of Christ Church, a religion relying on prayer in place of medical care.

Several of the Beagleys’ relatives attended the arraignment, including their daughter, Raylene Worthington and her husband, Carl, whose 15-month-old daughter died under similar circumstances in March. The Worthingtons are awaiting trial on charges of manslaughter and criminal mistreatment.