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When a Danish newspaper published cartoons that depicted ‘prophet’ Muhammad, many Muslims became enraged.

After murder plot: Swedish papers publish cartoon depicting Muhammad as a dog

Lars Viks cartoon At least three Swedish newspapers published a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog after an alleged plot to murder the artist who created it was uncovered in Ireland.

Dagens Nyheter said in an editorial that “Vilks doesn’t stand alone in this conflict. A threat against him is, in the long term, also a threat against all Swedes.”

Seven Muslims held over plot to murder cartoonist

Lars Viks cartoon Seven Muslims arrested in Ireland are being questioned over an alleged plot to murder a Swedish cartoonist who depicted the Prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog.

They were allegedly involved in an international plot to murder Lars Vilks whose controversial depictions of the Muslim prophet were printed in a newspaper in 2007.

Islamic states condemn attack on Danish cartoonist

Kurt Westergaard The attack on a Danish political cartoonist “runs totally against the teachings and values of Islam,” the umbrella organization representing Muslim countries has said.

If the attack was a reaction to Kurt Westergaard’s drawing of the Muslim prophet Mohammed with a turban shaped as a bomb, “then it should be rejected and condemned by all Muslims,” the Organization of the Islamic Conference said in a statement Sunday.

Attempt to Kill Danish Cartoonist Fails

Islamic terrorism A Muslim terrorist armed with an ax and a knife tried to enter the home of Kurt Westergaard, whose caricature of the Prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban sparked Muslim outrage — and outrageous behavior — throughout the world when a Danish newspaper published it in 2005.

Westergaard is one of 12 cartoonists whose drawings of the Muslim prophet were first published in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Terrorist plot against employees of Mohammad cartoons newspaper

Islamic terrorism Two Chicago men have been charged in what officials said was a plot to attack employees of a Danish newspaper that in 2005 published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that offended many Muslims, according to criminal complaints unsealed Tuesday in federal court in Chicago.

One of the men had initially targeted a building occupied by the Danish newspaper, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten in Copenhagen.

Artist Who Set Off Muslim Fury Visits New York City

Mohammed bomb cartoon A Danish caricaturist is making his first tour of the United States since the 2005 publication of his cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad that provoked fury across the Muslim world, according to a Danish press freedom group that is promoting the trip.

Muslims throughout the world rioted in anger at the cartoon — and 11 eleven others — and the artist became the target of a terrorist plot.

UN body OKs call to curb religious criticism

Islam The U.N.’s top human-rights body approved a proposal by Muslims nations Thursday urging passage of laws around the world to protect religion from criticism.

This ludicrous notion is an assault on free speech and an insult to civilized people everywhere. Islam is a deeply trouble religion whose beliefs and practices must be scrutinized and be subject to criticism.