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Nebraska court rejects stay of execution for cult leader Michael Ryan

Michael W. Ryan A Nebraska court won’t consider a death row inmate’s appeal raising questions about the state’s new lethal injection method and how the drugs needed for it were obtained.

Cult leader Michael Ryan was sentenced to death for the torture death of one of his followers, and the beating death of the 5-year old son of another cult member.

Nebraska asks high court to keep cult leader’s execution on track

Michael W. Ryan The Nebraska Attorney General’s Office has asked the State Supreme Court to reject a request by death row inmate Michael Ryan to put his pending execution on hold.

Ryan, the leader of a cult-like White Supremacist survivalist group, sentenced to death in September 1985 after he was convicted in the murders of two members of the group, including a 5-year-old boy.

Torture and murder tied to survivalist group stun a Nebraska farming community

Interviews with the authorities, relatives of the Rulo farm’s residents and neighbors create a picture of weapon stockpiles, religious fanaticism and anti-Government sentiment. The farm’s recent residents have been linked by the authorities and family members to an anti-Semitic, white supremacist religious movement, the Ministry of Christ Church, which is called Identity after its publication, and to an allied group, the radically antitax, anti-Government Posse Comitatus.