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Double life sentence for ‘3rd son of God’; 12 and 10 years for siblings manipulated into murder their parents

Mathew Naidoo Mathew Naidoo, a man who manipulated his former girlfriend and her brother to murder their parents, has been received a double life sentence for his part in the crime.

His former girlfriend Nicolette Lotter was sentenced to 12 years in jail, and her brother Hardus to 10 years imprisonment.

‘Son of God’ behind Lotter murders

Mathew Naidoo A Durban man described by his co-accused as the “Son of God” had manipulated the Lotter siblings and was behind the planning of their parents’ double murder, the Pinetown Regional Court heard today.

Investigating officer Constable Kubendran Naidoo was outlining Mathew Naidoo‘s confession as well as those given by the siblings.

The confessions were being highlighted at Naidoo’s bail application where he stood in the dock with his girlfriend Nicolette Lotter and her brother Hardus.