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Mary Winkler, Abused Wife Who Killed Preacher Husband Speaks Out

A woman convicted of shooting and killing her husband after allegedly suffering years of abuse wants women to know they can get help without resorting to violence.

Women are sometimes “hesitant to speak out and ask for help,” Mary Winkler told NBC’s “Today” show this morning. But, she said, “someone will believe you.”

Winkler, who was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for the March 2006 killing of her preacher husband, Matthew Winkler, served less than a year behind bars. Just two years later, in 2008, she regained full custody of her three daughters. But the Tennessee woman said justice was served.

“I felt like it was a very fair verdict,” she said. That’s because Winkler, 36, says her husband raped and abused her for years before she finally snapped and shot him in the back while he slept.

Religion News Roundup: Anthroposophic beauty products; Gays: faith is important; Muslim terror suspect likes women’s feet…

Religion News Roundup In today’s Religion News Roundup: your beauty products may be pushing a religious philosphy; 60% of gays say faith is important to them; and an American preacher arrested in Kenya faces charges of trafficking pornographic material.

Germany has more Muslims than previously thought, and the German government is making some concessions to them.

Meanwhile, the debate about the Burka continues elsewhere.

A brief roundup, posted from our vacation spot.