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Guard who killed sword-wielder at Scientology center won’t face charges

Scientology Celebrity Centre A security guard who shot and killed a man wielding samurai swords on the grounds of a Scientology facility in Hollywood will not face criminal charges, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said Wednesday.

The decision by prosecutors was in line with the conclusion of Los Angeles police detectives, who determined that the guard, a 64-year-old retired Seal Beach police officer, acted in defense of himself and other guards at the church’s Celebrity Centre.

Swordsman Had Threatened Scientology Before

Scientology Majorski had threatened the church in a string of incidents dating to at least 2005 that were reported to the Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI and Oregon authorities, said Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis.

The threats were allegedly made through faxes and telephone calls but police could not immediately confirm how many were made.

Majorski had been a Scientologist in the early 1990s but appeared to have left the church about 15 years ago, Davis said.