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Jury finds mother guilty of murder in child’s exorcism death

Latisha Lawson A Fort Wayne, Indiana woman who forced her 2-year-old son to drink a concoction of olive oil and vinegar because she thought it would exorcise a demon from him has been convicted of murder.

Lawson, 31, forced her two-year-old son Jezaih to drink a vile mixture of olive oil and vinegar as part of a ritual to drive the devil from his body. As he choked on the liquid she held her hand over his mouth to stop him vomiting and crushed his neck.

Mom said dead tot possessed by demon

According to court documents, Fort Wayne, Indiana resident Latisha Lawson, 31, forced a mixture of oil and vinegar to her children because she believed they were both demon possessed, WANE reports.

Lawson’s daughter Kierra King, 10, vomited when given the mixture. Her son Jezaih King, 3, was given the oil and vinegar three times. On the third time, Lawson told detectives she held Jezaih’s mouth shut for about 10 minutes until he stopped breathing.

After Jezaih died, Kierra said Latisha Lawson placed him on a bed and had her view his body and pray over him.

She is charged with three counts of neglect of a dependent and two counts of battery.