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Polygamous and incestuous sect of Mormonism (which itself is a cult of Christianity). Also known as the Latter Day Church of Christ, the Kingston Group, the Kingston Family, The Order, the Davis County Cooperative, and The Co-op Society.

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Excluding Kingston kin votes OK’d

Co-Op Mine: On voting for a union, the labor relations board says only 7 of 142 ballots cast by the polygamous clan are eligible Union organizers claimed victory Thursday after the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) upheld the exclusion of votes cast by kin of the polygamous Kingston clan in December’s union vote at the family-owned Co-Op Mine in Emery County. But if the ruling by the federal agency’s Washington, D.C., office was a victory, it was small and indecisive. Kingston Clan Members of the Kingston Clan refer to their society as “The Order” Polygamy and Profit: Utah clan builds

Kingston case split DCFS, probe shows

Child advocate suggests transferring files Even though state child welfare workers have been involved with a prominent polygamist family for more than five years, an independent investigation shows they were at odds over how to protect the children from abuse and neglect. As a result, an independent child advocate is recommending the state transfer cases related to John Daniel Kingston to another geographical region or to a state administrator for oversight. “I believe there needs to be a new perspective,” said Dianne Warner-Kearney, the state’s child protection ombudsman. Kingston Clan Members of the Kingston Clan refer to their society as

Judge bars polygamist Kingston from visiting children

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – A juvenile court judge has yanked visitation privileges from polygamist John Daniel Kingston after the weekly meetings allegedly upset some of his children. Judge Andrew Valdez revoked Kingston’s visitation rights Monday for nine of the 11 children he has with Heidi Mattingly. Ten of the children were taken away from the home after Valdez ruled Kingston abused them and that their mother failed to protect them. Since then, Kingston’s interaction with the children has been limited to weekly supervised visits. Kingston Clan Members of the Kingston Clan refer to their society as “The Order” Polygamy

Union vote to exclude Kingston relatives

Co-Op Mine: The NLRB ruling clears the way for a vote on joining the UMWA union Struggling coal miners at the Kingston family-owned Co-Op Mine in Huntington now can vote to join the United Mine Workers of America union without fear their voices will be drowned out by co-workers related to the polygamous clan. In a ruling handed down this week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in Denver determined workers at the mine who are related by blood or marriage to the Kingston family won’t be allowed to vote on UMWA representation. “This is a good win for

Kingston Trial Judge Will Not Recuse

A juvenile court judge, who himself says he personally feels targeted, will continue to preside over the child custody case involving polygamist John Daniel Kingston. A presiding judge has denied a motion filed by Kingston’s attorney asking for Judge Andrew Valdez’s removal. The attorney says Valdez shouldn’t decide the case because he has suggested he might be targeted by another member of the Kingston clan. Valdez says someone in the Kingston family was spying on his private parking place at the Matheson courthouse. Officers did find a man on courthouse property late at night… but he told officers he was

New start for Kingston wife

Foster resolute about getting her kids back Heidi Mattingly Foster stands alone in what once was her home and makes a list of everything here. Couch, tables, lamps, desks, beds, dressers. Eleven dressers. All of this is to be, with the help of strangers, packed up and moved in a single day. Yet Foster is ready, not just to move, but to move heaven and earth to get her children back. And this is just the first of many steps Foster, 33, has taken since 3rd District Juvenile Judge Andrew Valdez removed eight of her 11 children from her home

Judge tosses demand from Kingston clan

News media data sought: The polygamous group’s members are targets of a lawsuit by a female relative A federal judge on Thursday threw out subpoenas seeking notes, film outtakes and other information from two media outlets that covered a news conference announcing the filing of a suit against the polygamous Kingston clan. Two members of the clan, who are among the hundreds of defendants in that suit, responded with a defamation action against accuser Mary Ann Kingston. Stephen and Ted Kingston claim she and her attorneys defamed them at her Aug. 1, 2003, press conference. The men also sought to

Kingstons sue News, others over mine tiff

An Emery County mining company owned by Utah’s well-known Kingston polygamous clan filed an expansive federal lawsuit Friday afternoon over last fall’s labor dispute and subsequent media coverage. The 76-page lawsuit asserts that the picketing workers cost the Kingston-owned C.W. Mining Co. some $1 million in lost profits. The suit also names several media organizations, including the Deseret Morning News and four of its reporters that covered the events, and a handful of community groups that expressed support for the picketing workers. Attorneys F. Mark Hansen and Carl Kingston filed the suit on behalf of the mine, the International Association

Judge orders Kingston to pay for child support

Murky finances: In a hearing revolving around the family income, he rejects the polygamist’s suggested payments Third District Juvenile Court Judge Andrew Valdez didn’t buy John Daniel Kingston‘s claim he makes only $20,000 a year. Or that Heidi Mattingly can adequately feed and clothe their nine children still at home on $2 a day and occasional “gifts” from Kingston such as a box of potatoes. And the judge found a suggestion that Kingston provide support of $570 a month to Mattingly, also known as Heidi Foster, and their children a far cry from what they need. Instead, on Wednesday, Valdez

Judge Dismisses Suit Against Kingston Beating Victim

FARMINGTON, Utah (AP) — A judge has dismissed two defamation lawsuits brought against a woman, who, when she was 16, was beaten by her father when she fled a polygamous marriage to her uncle. The lawsuits were filed by two Davis County couples from the Kingston clan after MaryAnn Kingston, now 22, filed a $110 million lawsuit against the clan, naming 242 members and 97 of the family businesses as defendants. Her suit, which claims the clan fosters sexual abuse of young girls through illegal marriages, incest and polygamy, remains pending in 3rd District Court. In 1998, she walked seven