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Polygamous and incestuous sect of Mormonism (which itself is a cult of Christianity). Also known as the Latter Day Church of Christ, the Kingston Group, the Kingston Family, The Order, the Davis County Cooperative, and The Co-op Society.

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Kingston daughter back in state custody

SALT LAKE CITY — A teen daughter of polygamist John Daniel Kingston and Heidi Mattingly with relatives has been taken back into state custody after living with relatives who say she belongs with her immediate family. The 13-year-old girl had been living with her uncle and aunt, but they requested that she go back to the custody of the state. A juvenile court judge signed an order Friday placing the girl in state custody. The girl is not part of the court order that is aimed at reuniting nine other Kingston children with Heidi Mattingly, their mother. “For now, she’s

Judge: Kingston kids can meet mom ASAP

He had to repeat himself a few times, but the message from 3rd District Juvenile Judge Andrew Valdez was perfectly clear: Start the visits now and get Heidi Mattingly Foster‘s children home well before June. The judge met Friday afternoon with attorneys to clarify the order he issued late Wednesday in the child welfare case involving Mattingly Foster, polygamist John Daniel Kingston and nine of their 11 children. “I was kind of hoping the kids would have had a visit already,” Valdez said. The parents’ attorneys got it right. State attorneys got it wrong. Valdez attributed the confusion to the

Kingston case complications linger

Conflicting views: The sides still argue over the intent and facts of the judge’s ruling The sparring already has begun about how and when – and even if – Heidi Mattingly Foster will be reunited with her children by polygamist John Daniel Kingston before she returns to court. On Wednesday, 3rd District Juvenile Court Judge Andrew Valdez said he wanted visits between the 33-year-old mom and nine of her children to start immediately. “I want her to see her kids. I don’t know if we can get that done tonight,” the judge said. Given the hour – it was close

Bizarre events add intrigue to Kingston family hearing

Heidi Mattingly Foster spent nearly two hours on the stand in juvenile court Monday as state attorneys repeatedly asked her to acknowledge she and polygamist John Daniel Kingston abused their children and questioned her ability to protect them. The hearing was briefly interrupted after the 19-year-old son of 3rd District Juvenile Judge Andrew Valdez, who is hearing the case, was arrested outside the courthouse after a scuffle with Kingston supporters. Inside the building, Mattingly Foster refused to detail any past abuse, citing her right to avoid self-incrimination. But she said new parenting techniques learned in months of therapy would help

Custody Hearing in Kingston Case

(KSL News) — A hearing was held today involving some of the children of polygamist John Daniel Kingston and one of his wives. A judge is deciding if he’ll reunite them with their parents. The children’s mother Heidi Mattingly-Foster says she’s changed. “I’ve done everything they’ve asked me to do. I’ve learned a lot and I’m ready to show them that I can protect my kids.” The children were taken away after the judge found them to be abused and neglected. Protesters gathered outside the courthouse, and security inside was heightened. The Radio and Television News Directors’ Association selected KSL

Kingston teenager faces hearing after departing facility

The 15-year-old son of polygamist John Daniel Kingston and Heidi Mattingly Foster faces a juvenile detention hearing today after walking away from a treatment center on Saturday. The teen turned up Thursday at the home of his mother. Mattingly Foster, who learned Tuesday her son had disappeared, said she contacted the boy’s caseworker and brought her son to meet with him. Police then arrived and took the teen into custody. The boy had been at Valley Mental Health’s Adolescent Residential Treatment and Education Center (ARTEC) since Oct. 19, 2004, when the state removed him and seven siblings from Mattingly Foster’s

Lawsuit Against Kingston Clan Back in Court

A lawsuit against the Kingston polygamy clan was back in court today. And there are so many defendants, lawyers are even arguing about whether some of them actually exist. John Hollenorst joins us with details. This is the first time I can remember a lawyer having to assure a judge he does not represent anyone who doesn’t actually exist. None of his 200 real clients were in court. But the judge seemed so exasperated, it was like he was herding cats. Hundreds and hundreds of cats. See Also Woman sues polygamist clan for abuse, seeks $110 million Mary Ann Kingston

Kingston wife taking steps to see her kids again

A course of action: Heidi Mattingly Foster must convince the judge she is a good mother Heidi Mattingly Foster has a new attorney and new tasks to complete if she wants to resume supervised visits with – and get custody of – her children by polygamist John Daniel Kingston. First step: Write a letter assuring them she will keep them safe from any harm and promising to be a better parent. A therapist working with two of Mattingly Foster’s 11 children suggested the letter as way to “start the process” during a court hearing Tuesday. Kingston Clan Members of the

Daughter of Kingston Suing

A daughter of John Daniel Kingston is suing him and many other members of her polygamous family, for forcing her to marry her uncle when she sixteen years old. (KSL News) — A daughter of John Daniel Kingston is suing him, and many other members of her polygamous family for forcing her to marry her uncle when she sixteen years old. Lawyers for Mary Ann Kingston are fighting for 110 million dollars in damages. Kingston ran away from the arranged marriage in 1998. Her father tracked her down and beat her with a belt until she was unconscious. Kingston went

Kingston Teen Tells of Murder Plot

A teenage girl removed from the polygamist Kingston clan because she was abused testified that members of the group hatched plans to murder a judge and other state officials, as well as kidnap other Kingston children who are in state custody. The girl also said some polygamist relatives wanted her to commit suicide on Feb. 22, the anniversary of her removal from her parents’ custody. The 16-year-old girl testified amid heavy security with a therapist by her side in the courtroom of 3rd District Juvenile Judge Andrew Valdez on Tuesday. She spoke at an emergency hearing convened to discuss “safety