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Polygamous and incestuous sect of Mormonism (which itself is a cult of Christianity). Also known as the Latter Day Church of Christ, the Kingston Group, the Kingston Family, The Order, the Davis County Cooperative, and The Co-op Society.

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Judge closes the case against Kingston and Foster

In February 2004, the two eldest daughters of John Daniel Kingston and Heidi Mattingly Foster alleged Kingston told them to remove their pierced earrings or he would pull them out. They fled and contacted relatives, who called the Division of Child and Family Services. DCFS declined to open a case, but Guardian ad Litem Kristin Brewer intervened. The case expanded after one girl testified their mother and father had spanked or slapped them in the past and that Kingston once shoved Mattingly Foster down some stairs. Eventually, six other children removed from Mattingly Foster’s home spent 10 months in foster

State appeals Kingston children custody order

A juvenile judge erred in refusing to let a child psychologist testify in the protracted welfare case involving children of polygamist John Daniel Kingston, a state attorney told the Utah Supreme Court Monday. The psychologist’s testimony was “crucial” since it would have focused on a child’s ability to heal when a parent does not acknowledge issues that led to state intervention, said Martha Pierce, an attorney with the Guardian ad Litem’s Office.

Kingston family target of probe?

WEST JORDAN — Polygamist John Daniel Kingston said he knows his family is the subject of a criminal investigation by the Utah Attorney General’s Office. “They’re just trying to fish for something,” Kingston said after a court appearance Tuesday involving custody of some of his children with Heidi Mattingly. “They’d like to make up something that’s not there. There’s really nothing I’m aware of that rises to a criminal nature. But they’d certainly like to do that,” he said. Kingston’s lawyers have said that in discovery requests, the Utah Attorney General’s Office has been asking for more than just simple

Kingston child welfare case costs DCFS nearly $382,000

The state Division of Child an Family Services has spent a small fortune on the children of polygamist John Daniel Kingston and Heidi Mattingly Foster – an estimated $381,744. The division spent most of that sum over the past two years, during a child welfare case that saw 10 of the couple’s 11 children placed in foster care for varying periods of time. The complicated case began in February 2004 after the couple and their two oldest daughters got into a fight over ear piercing. Those girls were immediately removed from Mattingly Foster’s home; eight months later, the other children

Court ends one Kingston separation

Polygamist: But an order forbidding unsupervised contact with the couple’s children remains in effect WEST JORDAN – Polygamist John Daniel Kingston and Heidi Mattingly Foster left a courthouse hand-in-hand Tuesday as a juvenile court judge ended a court-ordered separation that lasted 13 months, 14 days – and about one hour, said Mattingly Foster. But Judge Elizabeth Lindsley kept in place a no-contact order between Kingston and the couple’s children, continuing only supervised visits with them until he completes additional therapy and domestic violence counseling. Lindsley also gave Kingston until Dec. 30 to pay $6,200 for two month’s child support he

Judge Orders Counseling For Kingston

Polygamist John Daniel Kingston received permission from a judge Tuesday to work with his 16-year-old son in one of the family’s businesses, the first time in nearly a year he has been allowed contact with any of the children he has with Heidi Mattingly. Third District Judge Elizabeth Lindsley approved a motion by Kingston’s attorney to allow the teenage boy to work with his father. She said contact should not take place anywhere outside of the workplace and that he should remain away from the other children in Mattingly’s home. On Nov. 24, 2004, a no-contact order was imposed on