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In June 2012 police in Japan arrested Katsuya Takahashi, the last fugitive from the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult, on suspicion of murder in connection with the 1995 sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway system

Takahashi had been the bodyguard of Aum Shinrikyo’s cult leader, Shoko Asahara (real name: Chizuo Matsumoto), who is on death row.

Ex-AUM cult member faces fresh arrest warrant over nerve agent attacks

Naoka Kikuchi Police in Japan will serve a fresh arrest warrant against former AUM Shinkrikyo member Naoko Kikuchi on suspicion of murder and attempted murder in connection with three VX nerve agent attacks in 1994 and 1995.

Kikuchi was arrested earlier this month after 17 years on the run, wanted for allegedly playing a role in the production of the nerve agent used in the cult’s deadly attack on the Tokyo subway.