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Religion News Roundup – Scientology: Katie Holmes; Scientology warning poster removed, Scientology tutors, and more

Scientology Religion News Blog’s roundup of Scientology-related stories includes a look at • Katie Holmes’ diet • Scientology front group offers tutoring • the ‘Church’ is building a ‘mission’ near John Travolta’s home.

Plus: • Actor John Duignan talks about his experiences during 22 years in the cult. Also, • a California town will again look at an ordinance that would limit picketing outside homes in unincorporated Riverside County, including dormitories at the Church of Scientology’s compound near Hemet.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise call in FBI after ‘death threats from anti-scientology group’

Tom Cruise Actor Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes are said to be living in fear after receiving death threats.

Sources close to the star, a leading Scientologist, say the threats are believed to have come from groups opposed to the religious organisation.

Hence we remind our readers how the cult tried to frame one former Scientologist-turned-critic — and how the Scientology protesters have exposed Scientology’s human rights abuses.

Katie Holmes to face anti-Scientology protestors

Katie Holmes Mrs Cruise’s attempt to step out from her husband’s shadow will now reportedly be dogged by a protest group called Anonymous, who say they will target her play ‘All My Sons’ when it opens on October 16.

According to a spokesman for the masked group, the organisation don’t want to shut down her performance entirely but rather make a bid to ‘save’ Holmes from the religious group, famously followed by husband Tom.