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Civil lawsuit over Columbia, Ill., murders names Joyce Meyer Ministries

Christopher Coleman The Joyce Meyer Ministries did too little to prevent its security manager, Christopher Coleman, from allegedly murdering his wife and two sons, according to an addition filed Monday to a wrongful-death lawsuit.

Coleman, who traveled throughout the world by Meyer’s side, was fired about a week after the killings, when the St. Louis Post-Dispatch disclosed the affair.

Joyce Meyer Ministries, Jeff. County reach accord

Joyce Meyer Ministries has agreed to pay a little more than half the taxes on its $20 million headquarters in Fenton, ending a dispute between the ministry and Jefferson County officials. Jefferson County Assessor Randy Holman said Monday night that the ministry will pay approximately 52 percent of the assessed property tax value on its headquarters. The two sides reached the agreement late this summer, bringing an end to a dispute over whether the church should have to pay property taxes. “They were very adamant from the beginning that they shouldn’t have to pay anything, and I was just as