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U.S. pastor apologizes to Jews for ‘God sent Hitler’ comments

John Hagee “In a sermon in 1999, I grappled with the vexing question of why a loving God would allow the evil of the Holocaust to occur,” John Hagee, the Texas-based preacher wrote in a letter to Anti-Defamation League director Abe Foxman. “I know how sensitive the issue of the Holocaust is and should be to the Jewish community and I regret if my Jewish friends felt any pain as a result.”

John Hagee warns against radical Islam

The Rev. John Hagee, a nationally known pastor from San Antonio, Texas, told a gathering at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg on Sunday night that America must win the war against terrorists who embrace radical Islam. “Right now America is at a crossroads,” said Hagee, who heads Christians United For Israel. “The Third World War has begun.” Hagee said America’s current enemy has no fear of death and is motivated by a desire for world domination at any cost. “Ladies and gentlemen, America is at war with radical Islam,” Hagee said. “Jihad has come to America. If we lose

Hagee, Falwell deny endorsing ‘dual covenant’

Pastors John Hagee and Jerry Falwell have both denied a report in The Jerusalem Post earlier this week that they embrace the “dual covenant” theology, which holds that Jews are saved through a special relationship with God and so need not become Christians to get to heaven. In a statement to the Post, the Texas-based televangelist Hagee said that neither he nor Southern Baptist pastor Falwell “believe or teach Dual Covenant.” Hagee added that he had “made it a practice for 25 years not to target Jews for conversion” at any “Night to Honor Israel” events. If Jews “inquire about

Business Express: Critics say John Hagee’s compensation is too high

San Antonio Express-News, June 20, 2003 http://news.mysanantonio.com/ By Analisa Nazareno, San Antonio Express-News Perched atop a red-carpet altar, seated on a wide white and blue throne, Pastor John Hagee waits until the jazz band has quieted, the 125-member choir has left the stage and the soloist has moved the congregation almost to tears. An emotional, energetic half-hour of song praising the glory of God passes. Then Hagee tells ushers at his 5,000-seat Cornerstone Church to take their positions. With the dozens of men bearing glinting platters in the aisles, and six cameramen capturing the moment, Hagee instructs church members to