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Faith healer convicted in girl’s faith healing death was a hypocrite

The late Ariel Ben Sherman was charged in a teen girl’s faith healing death, but he sought medical treatment for his own conditions.

Even after his death legal arguments in the case continue: still up before the appellate court to decide is whether the state’s spiritual exemption law that allows parents to forego medical treatment in favor of faith healing is in violation of the U.S. Constitution and its equal protection guarantees.

Mother, spiritual leader convicted of neglect in teen’s death

Jacqueline Crank and Ariel Ben Sherman A decade-long court dispute over a child neglect case that spawned a legal battle over faith healing, ended Tuesday with two guilty convictions for the girls’ mother and friend.

Sherman and Crank say they will appeal the conviction, and the case is expected to test Tennessee state laws that allow parents to make medical decisions based on their faith.

Trial date set for mother and ‘spiritual father’ in faith healing case

Jaqueline Crank and Ariel Ben Sherman Nearly ten years ago the mother and ‘spiritual father’ of a 15-year-old girl who died of bone cancer were charged for failing to heed advice from medical professionals and instead relying solely on faith healing.

The trial of Jacqueline Pearl Crank and her minister, Ariel Ben Sherman, has been now been set for May 8 in Loudon County Circuit Court.

Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals to hear faith healing case

Virgin Mary More than six years after 15-year-old Jessica Crank died from cancer after failed attempts at faith healing, her mother Jacqueline is testifying about making that choice as a matter of religious conviction.

Crank now faces a misdemeanor neglect charge in the death of her daughter, after years of legal wrangling that has seen the charges move up and down the appeals process but never to trial.