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Fascist cult ‘may have killed Jewish student’

Jeremiah Duggan A new British inquest has been ordered into the death of a Jewish student in Germany after claims that he might have been killed by Lyndon LaRouche’s far-Right cult.

A coroner in Germany ruled that Jeremiah Duggan, 22, had committed suicide by running on to a road where he was hit by fast-moving cars in 2003.

A High Court judge in London yesterday said that evidence of “foul play” must be investigated after new details suggested the crash was faked and he might have been killed.

Jeremiah Duggan’s parents hope documentary will bring justice

Jeremiah Duggan Shortly before his death, Jeremiah made several phone calls to his family and girlfriend indicating that he believed his life was in danger but authorities in Germany claimed his death was not suspicious.

Police claimed it was suicide but his family have been pressing for a full investigation after collating evidence that they say shows the young Jew was beaten to death by members of alleged antiSemitic cult, LaRouche.

Jeremiah Duggan : Cult riddle of student’s death

Forensic probe casts more doubt on the suicide verdict of young Briton in Germany Dramatic new evidence has cast doubt on the official account of the mysterious death of a British student who had become involved with a right-wing political cult in Germany. A detailed investigation by a former Scotland Yard forensic expert into the death of Jeremiah Duggan, obtained by The Observer, contradicts the verdict by German authorities that the 22-year-old committed suicide by leaping in front of cars on a dual carriageway in Wiesbaden, on the Rhine in west Germany. Instead the 59-page report by Paul Canning, an