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Trial near in cult starvation death

One Mind Ministries Queen Antoinette – aka Toni Sloan or Toni Ellsberry – sat at a defense table Tuesday and grimaced every time she heard a statement she didn’t like, particularly those containing the words “cult” or “commune.”

Her actions irked Assistant Public Defender Maureen Rowland, representing one of Antoinette’s co-defendants in a bizarre homicide case that involves the alleged starvation death of a toddler.

1 Mind Ministries cult member withdraws guilty plea in child’s death

Javon Thompson A former member of a religious cult backed out of a plea deal Friday and will face trial on charges that he and others starved a toddler to death because the boy refused to say “Amen” after meals.

Marcus A. Cobbs, 22, had agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of accessory after the fact. But his attorney abruptly withdrew the plea after a dispute with prosecutors over the conditions of his release.

Cult member to plead guilty to reduced charge in baby starvation case

Javon Thompson A member of the now defunct religious cult One Mind Ministries is planning to plead guilty to a reduced charge related to the starvation death of 1-year-old Javon Thompson.

The attorney for Marcus Cobbs says he will plead guilty Friday to accessory after the fact, according to the Associated Press.

The boy’s mother and several other members of the cult were charged in connection with the boy’s death, who was allegedly starved because he would not say ‘Amen’ after meals.

A trial for the other members has been postponed until January 27.

1 Mind Ministries: cult members charged in death of boy

One Mind Ministries Members of One Mind Ministries drew little notice in the working-class Baltimore neighborhood where they lived in a nondescript brick rowhouse.

But inside, prosecutors say, horrors were unfolding: Answering to a leader called Queen Antoinette, they denied a 16-month-old boy food and water because he did not say “Amen” at mealtimes. After he died, they prayed over his body for days, expecting a resurrection, then packed it into a suitcase with mothballs. They left it in a shed in Philadelphia, where it remained for a year before detectives found it last spring.