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Five people found guilty in Janet Moses exorcism death

Janet Moses Cries rang out in an emotion-filled courtroom after a New Zealand High Court jury found five members of the family of a young woman guilty of her manslaughter during a curse lifting ceremony.

The family performed an exorcism on Moses in October 2007, forcing water into her mouth and eyes to flush out demons and lift the makutu, or curse. Instead enough went into her lungs to drown her.

Jury ponders faith of family accused of exorcism death

Janet Moses The fate of eight family members who took part in an exorcism ritual in which a young mother died after water was poured down her throat is in the hands of a jury.

During the trial the New Zealan Crown called over 60 witnesses to give evidence against the accused. The Defence did not call a single one, instead using cross-examination to find flaws in the evidence.

Expert in exorcism death trial denounces parts of ritual

Janet Moses Janet Moses die in October 2007, when she drowned as a result of the accused pouring water into her mouth and over her face during a ceremony to “cleanse” her.

An expert in Tainui iwi culture told the jury that the water-based cleansing ceremony was misguided, misinformed and mistaken. He indicated the family’s actions had no cultural basis and was totally foreign to him.

Nine people to stand trial in exorcism death of family member

Janet Moses The six women and three men, all members of Ms Moses’ extended family, will stand trial in the High Court at Wellington, jointly charged with manslaughter, after their five lawyers agreed they had a case to answer.

Police say Ms Moses, 22, drowned in her grandparents’ home in October last year after she was allegedly held down and had water poured down her throat to lift a makutu, or Maori curse, as up to 40 family members watched.

Relief at exorcism arrests

The paternal family of Janet Moses say it is a relief that those accused of her death have been arrested and charged. Two months to the day since Ms Moses died in an exorcism ceremony, six women and three men appeared in Lower Hutt District Court jointly charged with her manslaughter.