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Police:10 more families complained of abuse by cult leader

Israel Police The Ramle Magistrate’s Court on Thursday extended by seven days the remand of a man suspected of physically abusing the children of parents who sought out his assistance, and teaching these parents to use the same violence as part of a system of “extreme discipline.”

The affair first came to light following the arrest two weeks ago of a teacher from Netanya accused of beating and starving her 10-year-old son.

Teacher suspected of starving her son member in cult

Ithaca cult An Israeli teacher who was arrested Friday on suspicion of abusing her 10-year-old son is a member of a cult which preaches for stern disciplining methods outside the formal education system.

A man who is familiar with the cult said the suspect is known there as “the prophet” and has described the group’s leader as “the seculars’ Elior Chen — a reference to a sadistic cult leader currently on trial.