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Nuclear test vindicates doomsday prophesy: Kenyan cult

The leader of a Kenyan cult whose followers holed up in mud bunkers last month to ready for the apocalypse said yesterday that North Korea’s nuclear test vindicated their doomsday prophesy. Eliezer Kamotho, an elder of the House of Yahweh sect in Kenya, said Pyongyang’s test was proof the world is about to be engulfed by a nuclear war that the group initially believed would begin on September 12.

House of Yahweh remains mystery

When Yisrayl Hawkins’ prediction of a nuclear war breaking out on Sept. 12 failed to materialize, local, national and international response was predictable – jokes and skepticism about his credibility. Hawkins, founder of the House of Yahweh with an office in Abilene and a compound in Callahan County, has made numerous predictions over the years. Usually they have something to do with the end of the world coming soon. Despite the snickers and raised eyebrows, Hawkins’ Old Testament-based religious sect continues to attract followers worldwide.

House of Yahweh Cult: Those who laugh at us will perish

House of Yahweh sect members have weird predictions and strongly prophesise that they will come to pass, Alex Kiprotich writes. The House of Yahweh, a religious group, is sending shockwaves in Nakuru district and Kinangop. The adherents, though dressed haggardly and living in mud walled houses, exhibit a conviction which if not checked could be disastrous. “People see me as a mad man, but I do not care because Yahweh is the only one to judge me,” says the 47-year-old Mosheh Sang the leader of the group in Mauche, Molo. Probed if the sect contemplates mass suicide if the prophecy

End Of The World? Maybe, But It’s Best Not To Be Specific

Charleston, S.C. – It’s the end of the world, and maybe you’ve been warned. A religious group out of Texas has blanketed the Lowcountry with flyers claiming nuclear war is upon. But there’s one glaring problem with the claim. The doomsday, repent now message comes from Abilene, Texas based “The House of Yahweh“, headed by Yisrayl Hawkins, who used to be country western singer Buffalo Bill Hawkins before taking up the cause of rapture. The boldness of the campaign in this area and giving a specific date for the nuclear war to begin makes this group different. “I think most

Kenya cult enters bunkers though doomsday uneventful

MAUCHE, Kenya (Reuters) – Kenyan followers of a U.S.-based religious sect which predicted the world would end after a September 12 outbreak of nuclear war moved into bunkers on Wednesday despite the failure of their prediction. Dozens of members of the House of Yahweh — dressed in gas masks, gloves and long overcoats — have built a network of underground hideouts in the small highland village of Mauche. They have stocked the bunkers with dried fermented flour meant to feed them for a year, by which time sinners would have been wiped off the Earth, according to their beliefs. “Those

Now 100 days to end of world

Hundreds of curious villagers have flocked to see bunkers built by members of the House of Yahweh religious sect, to ascertain what became of their prediction that the end of the world would begin Tuesday night. The sect’s leader in Njoro Mosheh Sang has been at pains to explain to local villagers, that the end is still in sight within the next 100 days after his warning of a nuclear strike last night failed to take place. On visiting the sect members at midnight Tuesday night they were found all sleeping in their homes. Sang said they would only go