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Israel: Welfare Ministry calls for legislation to fight cults

cults The Israeli government must create comprehensive legislation to combat the phenomenon of cults in Israel and provide a clearer definition of what constitutes cult activity, a report published Monday by a special Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs task force has recommended.

Authored by the team of professionals that dealt with the fallout of Israel’s largest cult to date — that headed by Tel Aviv polygamist Goel Ratzon — the 48-page report focuses on four main areas: preventive action, therapeutic intervention, legislation and government involvement.

Authorities handling fallout of breaking up Goel Ratzon’s polygamist cult

Goel Ratzon One year after Israeli police raided the Tel Aviv headquarters of a suspected polygamist cult that involved some 40 children and 20 women, welfare authorities say they are still dealing intensely with the fallout and rehabilitation process of the cult members.

The 20 wives and 40 children of the yet-to-be convicted cult leader Goel Ratzon continue to receive a wide range of welfare services, including constant psychological monitoring.

Woman who escaped from cult leader Goel Ratzon accuses state of neglecting her case

Goel Ratzon The woman who exposed a polygamist cult whose leader was later charged with enslaving and abusing his numerous “wives” says the authorities have abandoned her, giving her none of the help and benefits that other women in her predicament have received.

She was the first of Goel Ratzon‘s “wives” who managed to escape and file a police complaint, launching the covert inquiry that culminated with his arrest two years later.

Cult leader Goel Ratzon’s ‘wives’ begin lengthy treatment

Goel Ratzon Law enforcement and welfare officials have begun their attempt to bring ‘polygamist cult’ leader Goel Ratzon to justice, but experts told Ynet Tuesday that the process of rehabilitating the women ‘married’ to him would be a lengthy one.

Gabi Zohar, a social worker with years of experience caring for cult victims, explained that even the women who are rehabilitated will probably remain emotionally fragile.

Tel Aviv cult leader Goel Ratzon indicted on multiple charges, including rape

Goel Ratzon Israeli cult leader Goel Ratzon was indicted Sunday on multiple charges, including with rape, sodomy, enslavement, sexual abuse within the family and several other offenses.

“The suspect enslaved and appropriated his 21 wives for many years, in acts which contradict social norms, in a way which was common during the darkest times of human history,” the prosecutor said.

Goel Ratzon’s cult: 17 women, 60 children and a climate of absolute obedience

Goel Ratzon The investigation of a suspected cult leader accused of raping and enslaving scores of women took a dramatic turn on Friday after one of his alleged victims gave indications that she may agree to cooperate with authorities.

It has also been revealed that one of Ratzon’s wives cooperated with the police, providing them with the evidence necessary to carry out the arrest.

Tel Aviv cult leader Goel Ratzon arrested for ‘enslaving’ 17 women, rape

Goel Ratzon A 59-year-old cult leader from south Tel Aviv who was romantically involved with 17 women and fathered 40 children with them was arrested on Tuesday morning on suspicion of “enslaving” members of his group and raping a number of the women.

Ratzon is considered by his companions to be the savior (Goel in Hebrew) of the universe, and is attributed godly and supernatural abilities.

Pot-bellied ‘messiah’ Goal Ratzon puzzles Israelis with his 32 wives

Goel Ratzon They tattoo his image on their arms. They give their children, all 89 of them, versions of his name: Saviour. And at night, they – his 32 wives – wait expectantly to be chosen by him to share his bed at one of the four apartment buildings in Tel Aviv where they live together.

How does Mr. Ratzon, an unemployed, pot-bellied, white-haired man almost 60 years old, succeed in making a host of young attractive women dedicate their bodies and lives to him? And how in the world does he get away with it?

“I am perfect,” Mr. Ratzon explained. “I have all the characteristics that a woman wants.”