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Remote S. Dakota is new home for FLDS

Author says: ‘The lengths they’ve gone to to keep it secret are extraordinary’ A third outpost created by followers of fugitive polygamist leader Warren Jeffs has been discovered in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The 100-acre, wooded property, near Pringle, S.D., features residential buildings, a large steel warehouse and outbuildings. The land was bought in October 2003 by David Steed Allred, about the same time he purchased a 1,371-acre ranch in Eldorado, Texas. The South Dakota site appears to be on par with an FLDS development in Mancos, Colo., said author Jon Krakauer, who has visited the area twice

FLDS compound uncovered in South Dakota

A 100 acre parcel of land in a remote corner of the Black Hills of South Dakota turns out to be owned and operated by loyal followers of FLDS Prophet Warren Jeffs, and may be one of the fugitive prophet’s hideouts. The Success received an anonymous e-mail tip about the property, followed by an equally anonymous phone call in which the caller provided details about the property and the people who bought it. It was a very familiar story. A man named David Allred had fronted the purchase of the property on Oct. 3, 2003, for the sum of $135,000.00.