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Fellowship of Friends protests Federal search for marijuana

Robert Earl Burton Today: Critics call The Fellowship of Friends a cult. Members say it’s a school of spiritual development. The Feds says the group’s members support themselves cultivating marijuana on properties surrounding the religious compound.

Also, a look at the real saint behind Santa Claus.

Jailed cult leader Tony Alamo again appeals a lawsuit alleging he ordered the beatings of two young boys in his ministry. Plus: the reason a pastor and his wife cannot change their last name to ChristIsKing.

A former believer takes on the Fellowship of Friends leader

Robert Earl Burton Robert Earl Burton, a one-time elementary school teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the unchallenged ruler of the Fellowship and doesn’t face questions, she said.

Not about his living like a king, not about a lifestyle said to rival a ruler in the last days of the Roman empire, not about the nuclear Armageddon that Burton proclaimed would happen in 2006, not about whether the Fellowship is following the “Fourth Way” system of spiritual development taught by two 20th-century Russian philosophers and mystics, Haven said.

“If you challenge him you have to leave the cult,” she said. “No one can understand how crazy this can get.”