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Falun Gong: The search for truth

Labeled by some as a peace-loving philosophy, branded by others as a mind-controlling cult, Falun Gong has gained international attention as accusations of human rights violations are increasingly heard out of the People’s Republic of China.

Falun Gong Followers Sue Over Hong Kong Arrests

Fifteen Falun Gong followers arrested during a 2002 protest in Western are seeking more than 1.5m Hong Kong dollars compensation from the police for alleged unlawful arrest and false imprisonment. The Falun Gong followers filed a writ on Monday claiming damages for false imprisonment following their arrests in March 2002. A total of 16 followers, including four Swiss nationals, were arrested and jointly charged the next day with one count of obstruction of a public place and another of carrying out an act whereby obstruction may occur. Nine of them also faced charges of assaulting and obstructing police officers. The

Pilot seeks refuge in U.S. to avoid troubles in China

WASHINGTON – After more than a decade of flying back and forth from Shanghai to Los Angeles, this week Sheng Yuan didn’t fly back. Instead Yuan, 39, a pilot with China Eastern Airlines, said he ditched his crew in Los Angeles and broke the news by phone to his wife and 12-year-old daughter in Shanghai. The alternative, he said, was political persecution and possible imprisonment in China over his opposition to the Chinese Communist Party and his adherence to the banned spiritual movement Falun Gong. He said he plans to seek political asylum, but beyond that, he doesn’t know what

China Shuts Down Falun Gong Publishers, Arrests Practitioners

Text of report in English by official Chinese news agency Xinhua (New China News Agency) Beijing, 14 July: Chinese authorities have closed dozens of illegal producers of Falun Gong material or pornographic and pirate DVDs, the National Anti-Pornography and Anti-Piracy Office announced on Friday to coincide with the launch of a major campaign against piracy. Among those arrested were publishers of Falun Gong leaflets, books and scrolls in the northeastern Heilongjiang Province. On 21 July last year, police in Daqing, found photos of an apartment complex in the city hanging Falun Gong scrolls published on the Minghui website,

Team Says China Harvests Falun Gong Organs

OTTAWA (Reuters) – A respected Canadian human rights lawyer and a former Canadian cabinet member lent their weight on Thursday to charges that China has been killing Falun Gong dissidents so it can use their organs. The two men — lawyer David Matas, and David Kilgour, former secretary of state for Asia and the Pacific — spent two months investigating the accusations, which China has regularly denied. “It is simply inescapable that this is going on,” Kilgour told reporters as he and Matas released their findings. They provided transcripts of phone calls placed in Chinese to detention centers and organ

Falun Gong heckler agrees to plea deal

WASHINGTON – The Falun Gong follower who heckled Chinese President Hu Jintao at a White House ceremony has reached a deal with prosecutors that will drop all charges against her, her attorney announced yesterday. Wang Wenyi faced a misdemeanor charge of intimidating, coercing, threatening and harassing a foreign official for interrupting the April 20 event in which President George W. Bush welcomed Hu to the White House. She could have faced 6 months in jail and a $5,000 fine. Her attorney, David Bos, told U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge John Facciola at yesterday’s hearing that he and prosecutors had reached

Time to dismantle Vancouver Falun Gong Protest

According to Mayor Sam Sullivan, the Falun Gong protest stationed outside the Chinese consulate has to go. “I had to be pretty clear that it was a violation and that there is sympathy to the issues of Falun Gong and we wish them well in their efforts to protest,” he said. The bylaw states that no structures may be built on public property. “There’s a lot of issues of public disorder that I think over time my plan is to every couple of months take on a new bylaw that needs attention,” he said. The B.C. Civil Liberties Association

Falun Gong not so innocent

Would you support a cult that preached imminent extraterrestrial alien invasions, rejection of all modern science and medicine, heavens separated by race and boasted a leader who claimed to have exclusive knowledge of how to save us all? I would guess that most people would probably not, but that’s what much of the Western world — and America in particular — has been doing for some years now. And no, I’m not talking about Scientology. The cult in question is the Falun Gong, which over the past several years has become a focus of public attention whenever the subject of

China condemns Falun Gong but spares U.S. criticism

BEIJING – China condemned the Falun Gong spiritual group as an “anti-China political group” on Tuesday but spared Washington criticism over a heckler from the movement who disrupted Chinese President Hu Jintao’s White House appearance. Hu’s visit to Washington last Thursday was choreographed to highlight his statesman status and Beijing’s hopes to subdue trade tensions with the United States. But a follower of Falun Gong — banned as a cult in 1999 — entered the White House grounds as a reporter and yelled at Hu and President George W. Bush as they stood before reporters. A spokesman for China’s Foreign

Feds lower boom on Hu’s Falun Gong heckler

U.S. authorities are taking a hard line against the New York doctor who heckled President Bush and Chinese President Hu Jintao – hitting her with a federal charge that carries six months in prison. Wenyi Wang, 47, a devotee of the Falun Gong movement, was originally booked on a disorderly conduct charge after she crashed Thursday’s White House ceremony. But the U.S. attorney’s office later decided to charge her with harassing, intimidating and threatening a foreign official for yelling at Hu that his “days are numbered.” At a court hearing in Washington, defense lawyer David Bos said she shouldn’t face