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Texas mega-church minister asks members for bank account routing numbers

An SBC mega-church televangelist from Texas named Ed Young Jr. asked members of his church for their bank account and routing numbers so 10 percent (tithe) could be automatically withdrawn from their bank accounts.

Young has been the focus of a media investigation this past year for his lavish lifestyle.

• Bible: … the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.
Does the Bible really instruct Christians to tithe?

‘Virtual preaching’ transforms Sunday sermons

high tech churches A new generation of pastors is using technology — high-def videos, and even holograms — to beam their Sunday morning sermons to remote “satellite” churches that belong to their congregation.

While some say physical presences is important, others point out that the Apostles themselves wrote letters to churches to be read while they were not present.

Fellowship Church jet travels to exotic destinations

Ed Young, Fellowship Church Fellowship Church in Grapevine has thousands of members on five campuses. Pastor Ed Young says his church and travels have allowed him to minister to more than a quarter of a million people.

But Young is somewhat less eager to talk about the News 8 investigation into the leasing by Fellowship Church of an $8 million Dassault Falcon 50 private jet, which Young keeps in a hanger at Fort Worth Alliance Airport.

Prominent Grapevine pastor linked to luxury

Not long ago, the Fellowship Church in Grapevine was one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the nation.

Its pastor, Ed Young, was making national headlines by encouraging married couples to have more sex.

But since that time, sources say membership has waned and some say Pastor Young may have lost his way — putting himself and secrecy over God.