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This movement, theologically a cult of Christianity, is also known as Church of Almighty God. Some media reports have referred to it as Lightning from the East.

BBC, August 15, 2014: A Christian cult in China which has violence at its core gains international notoriety after a brutal murder in a fast food restaurant. With some of its members now on trial we hear what’s behind these terrible crimes. It’s called the Church of Almighty God. This report from the BBC’s China Editor, Carrie Gracie.

Three Grades of Servants: China sentences sect members to death for murders

BEIJING (Reuters) – China sentenced three members of a local Christian sect to death for the murder of followers of a rival group and ordered likely life sentences for three other members of the controversial underground religion. The court in Shuangyashan in northeast China’s Heilongjiang province ordered the execution of Xu Shuangfu, the 60-year-old founder of the “Three Grades of Servants,” or Church of Truth, and members Li Maoxing and Wang Jun. Three others were given death sentences with a two-year reprieve, a sentence that usually leads to life in prison. Eleven other followers received prison sentences from three to

Chinese Christians Are a Force, But What Kind?

Weekends in Beijing reveal sharp differences between tourists and residents of the sprawling Chinese capital. On Saturdays and Sundays, Beijing’s most famous sights — the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square — are crawling with visitors, making even Disney World at high season seem serene. Beijingers, meanwhile, flock to the flashy new shopping malls just east of Tiananmen, full of latte-swilling yuppies jabbering on mobile phones, and massive supermarkets offering everything from Parmalat milk to Peking duck. Growing numbers of Beijingers also pack into a different kind of structure on the weekend. On Sundays, the capital’s government-registered Protestant

Violence Taints Religion’s Solace for China’s Poor

HUAIDE, China – Kuang Yuexia and her husband, Cai Defu, considered themselves good Christians. They read the Bible every night before bed. When their children misbehaved, they dealt with them calmly. They did not curse or tell lies. But when Zhang Chengli, a neighbor, began hounding them last year to leave their underground religious sect and join his, it seemed like a test of satanic intensity. He scaled the wall of their garden, ambushed them in the fields and roused them after midnight with frantic calls to convert before Jesus arrived for his Second Coming and sent them to hell.