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Earl Paulk must answer questions in sex suit

Judge rules year-old suit can proceed A judge ruled Thursday that Bishop Earl Paulk must face questioning in the sexual misconduct lawsuit filed against him by two former parishioners and staff members of his South DeKalb church. DeKalb Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott told lawyers for Paulk, “This needs to happen. It needs to happen sooner rather than later.” Paulk did not attend the hearing. Mona and Bobby Brewer, former leaders of Paulk’s Chapel Hill Harvester Church, filed suit a year ago accusing Paulk of coercing Mona Brewer into an affair that lasted 14 years. A lawyer for Paulk

Earl Paulk: Church sex scandal off the back burner

A year to the day after two longtime parishioners and staff members filed suit against Bishop Earl Paulk, the parties will appear before a DeKalb County judge on Thursday to try to move the case along. Lawyers for the suit’s plaintiffs hope to convince Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony that Paulk, who underwent major surgery in November, is able to be questioned. The plaintiffs, Bobby and Mona Brewer — former leaders in Paulk’s Chapel Hill Harvester Church, accuse Paulk of sexual misconduct, saying he coerced Mona Brewer into an affair that lasted 14 years. One of Paulk’s lawyers has acknowledged

Plaintiffs in Paulk lawsuit ask judge to ban property transfer

Plaintiffs suing Bishop Earl Paulk for alleged sexual misconduct asked a judge on Friday to prevent his south DeKalb County megachurch from transferring property to protect it from their legal claims. DeKalb Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott said he will rule later on the matter. Plaintiffs in a sexual misconduct suit againt Bishop Earl Paulk, who heads the Chapel Hill Harvester Church, say property shouldn’t be put beyond the reach of legal claims. In their suit, Bobby and Mona Brewer, former leaders of Paulk’s Chapel Hill Harvester Church, accuse Paulk of coercing Mona Brewer into an affair that lasted

Exam ordered for lawsuit defendant

Church bishop accused of sexual coercion recovering from surgery Bishop Earl Paulk, the south DeKalb County megachurch minister involved in his fourth sex scandal, must submit to an independent medical examination to determine whether he is physically able to be questioned in a lawsuit against him. DeKalb Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott said Monday that he will appoint a physician to examine Paulk, 78, who underwent major cancer-related surgery on Nov. 11. Scott’s ruling came in a case brought by Mona and Bobby Brewer, former parishioners of Paulk’s at Chapel Hill Harvester Church. The Brewers claim that he used

Sex charges cast pall on Bishop Paulk

Once revered Georgia clergyman faces new charges of adultery Facing major surgery and embroiled in his fourth sex scandal, Bishop Earl Paulk stood confidently in the pulpit of his 7,700-seat south DeKalb cathedral in late October. Only a few hundred worshippers occupied the maroon seats on the main floor of Chapel Hill Harvester Church. Sections of the semi-circular sanctuary were roped off so congregants would sit near the front for the television cameras. The ceiling rose majestically over two almost empty balconies. Norma, Paulk’s wife of six decades, sat to his right. But gone were some of his most faithful

Sex For Salvation?

THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. PAULA ZAHN, CNN ANCHOR: And good evening, everyone. Appreciate your joining us. Tonight’s “Eye Opener,” sex for salvation, a trusted minister and shocking allegations of sin and scandal. MONA BREWER, FORMER CHAPEL HILL HARVESTER CHURCH MEMBER: He said, well, I guess you will just have to take your clothes off because I’m going to have to love you. You know, I didn’t want to do it. But what choice did I have? ZAHN: What really went on behind the walls of

Lawsuit says minister swapped salvation for sex

Bishop Earl Paulk of the Chapel Hill Harvester megachurch and a former church employee are embroiled in a legal battle over her claims that Paulk coerced her to have sex with him and others by claiming it was God’s will. Paulk filed papers Thursday in DeKalb Superior Court answering a lawsuit filed Aug. 31 by Mona Brewer and her husband, Bobby Brewer. Paulk denied their allegations and countersued them for libel and slander, saying they lied about him in their lawsuit and in statements to others. The only point not in dispute is that Paulk acted as Mona Brewer’s spiritual