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Kashi Ashram; phony cancer cure; Child-Friendly Faith Project…

A Christian minister who sold a phony cancer cure that included suntan lotion and beef flavoring has been jailed and fined.

Cult expert Steve Hassan joins the Board of Advisor of Child-Friendly Faith Project.

And the leader of a church whose wealth is “impossible to calculate” tells world leaders what to do with their money.

Plus: You won’t believe what people claim is going on inside the Kashi Ashram. And the head of Saudi Arabia’s religious police makes our ‘Religious Insanity’ file.

Doctor convicted in fake cancer treatments; preyed on Evangelical Christians

Christine Daniel A doctor and evangelical minister who used bogus herbal medications to offer false hope to dozens of people suffering from diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s was found guilty of nearly a dozen federal charges.

Twenty-eight victims or family members of victims who died while taking the products testified against Christine Daniel.