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Christ Embassy’s false gospel; Bill Gothard quits; Ultraman banned

Bill Gothard, founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, has resigned in the wake of an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse.

Sometimes the Prosperity Gospel scam does work. But guess who gets rich of it?

A former Aum Shinrikyo cult member who surrendered after 17 years on the run has now been sentenced to 9 years in prison for his participation in three cult-related crimes.

Cult leader Victor Barnard, who faces abuse charges, is missing.

Plus: The fictional True Detective series may have been inspired by the Hosanna Church child abuse case.

Nigeria clamps down on bogus religious broadcasters

Televangelists Told to Verify Miracles Or Pull the Plug Chris Oyakhilome is pastor of Christ Embassy – one of Nigeria’s largest Pentecostal congregations. His church runs 30-minute slots on most major television channels daily. His programmes often show revival meetings in sold-out stadiums and halls where the lame walk, the blind receive sight and people hitherto crippled by terminal ailments leap for joy as they receive instantaneous healing. For years, televangelists have been projecting wild claims into Nigerian homes, uncensored and unhindered. But now a new law means all preachers making claims about miraculous healing are required to provide verifiable