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C Street house target of clergy’s IRS complaint

tax exempt Three times now, including a complaint they plan to file today against the secretive C Street Center in Washington, D.C., the activist pastors have challenged the tax-exempt status of religious organizations they believe have improperly dabbled in partisan politics.

Their numbers fluctuate, but their mission is always the same: protect the divide between church and state.

N.Va. Neighbors Up in Arms Over Secretive Enclave

Dignitaries’ Visits Prompt Complaints on Quiet Street The burglar slipped in through the unlocked French doors without a sound and made his way carefully through the Arlington home, finally discovering what he had come for — a bottle of prescription painkillers in an out-of-the-way storage cabinet. Leaving jewelry and other valuables untouched, he vanished without a trace. In fact, he was so meticulous that Paul Rusinko would not have known his home had been broken into but for a handwritten note the penitent burglar left in his mailbox a few days later: “My name is James Hammond . . .

Congressional group house is subsidized by religious group, records show

The Associated Press, Apr. 19, 2003 http://www.silive.com/ By LARA JAKES JORDAN, The Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Six members of Congress live in a $1.1 million Capitol Hill town house that is subsidized by a secretive religious organization, tax records show. The lawmakers, all Christians, pay low rent to live in the stately red brick, three-story house on C Street, two blocks from the Capitol. It is maintained by a group alternately known as the “Fellowship” and the “Foundation” and brings together world leaders and elected officials through religion. The Fellowship hosts receptions, luncheons and prayer meetings on the first