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Names in this case have not been released in order to prevent identification of dozens of young children and their mothers.
Therefore stories about this groups are filed under ‘Breslov cult.’
Breslov (aka Bratslav or Braslav) is a branch of Hasidic Judaism.

Jerusalem: Sadistic leader of polygamous cult convicted

The sadistic leader of a small cult based in Jerusalem has been found guilty of a range of crimes, including physically-, mentally-, and sexually abusing six women and dozens of children.

Micah Moore’s trial in the death of Bethany Deaton is scheduled for next March.

The Prosperity Gospel Scam finds lots of hopeful believers.

And more trouble for Narconon of Georgia.

Israel Police busts ultra-Orthodox cult suspected of abusing women and children

Israel Israel Police, in cooperation with Jerusalem district officers and social services, arrested nine members of a cult living in Jerusalem and in the Tiberias area over the past few weeks, on suspicion of carrying out emotional and physical abuse of women and children over a two year period.

Police and social workers familiar with the case described severe physical, emotional, and sexual violence, that landed several of the children in the hospital, some multiple times.