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Oxford ‘guru’ Thierry Tilly accused of torturing French aristocrats

Thierry Tilly Thierry Tilly, an Oxford-based Frenchman, has been arrested over allegations that he kidnapped, tortured and brainwashed several generations of an aristocratic family into giving up their fortune.

Thierry Tilly, 45, allegedly posed as a secret agent to convince the rich and highly educated De Védrines family that they were the lost descendants of an ancient society called L’Equilibre du Monde (The Balance of the World), and that he had “superhuman powers” to help them reclaim their illustrious past and its “limitless treasure”.

Kidnap suspect’s fate in limbo

Dominion Christian Centre A doctor accused of kidnapping his daughter in order to get her to leave a religious cult will have to wait another month before he learns his trial date.

Also accused in the case are the woman’s mother, 55-year-old Lucie Brun Del Re, a French teacher in Georgetown; her brother Giancarlo Brun Del Re; and family friends Alan Honner and Theresa Honner.

The church, Dominion Christian Centre, denies it is a cult…

Mom blames housemate, fear of satanic cult for death of son

Diana Lynn Marsh A Tucson woman who is accused of killing her 5-year-old son was thoroughly brainwashed into believing a satanic cult was out to kill her and her son, and those closest to her were part of the plot, a forensic psychologist told jurors Wednesday.

Within a couple of months of meeting Tompson, Marsh testified, she became estranged from everyone she knew, including a pastor she was convinced was part of the satanic group.