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Jury finds ‘Sound Doctrine’ pastor guilty of sex crimes against child

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene are alive and well, and living in Australia. (Yes, that’s an item from the ‘religious insanity’ files).

The founder and co-director of an eating disorders treatment center has stepped down after four women have accused him of brainwashing them into believing they were involved in satanic cults.

And and anti-cult organization takes Denmark to task for allowing the destructive Scientology cult to have its European HQ there.

Cult leader ‘Little Pebble’ to be denied parole

William Kamm, jailed for abusing underage followers whom he manipulated into believing they were to help him start an ‘immaculate race,’ won’t be released when he is eligible for parole, the parole board says.

Also: A family brainwashed by a conman who robbed them talks about the ordeal. And New York is suing Ultra-Orthodox Jews who enforce a dress code in their stores.

Plus, some parents claims St. Anthony’s Monastery near Florence, Arizona, is a cult. Also in Religion News Briefs, find out why a New Zealand politicians wants to stop Muslims from flying. And more….

Gag order is sought in lawsuits over brainwashing

Mark Schwartz Lawyers for St. Louis, MO treatment center want a gag order placed on all parties involved in a lawsuit against the center that has attracted international media attention.

two women claim a therapist at the center hypnotized them into thinking their eating disorders stemmed from past involvement in Satanic cult.

Family Brainwashed by Dad Struggles to Heal

Marcus Wesson Marcus Wesson committed the worst mass murder in Fresno’s history — killing two adults and seven young children.

Neighbors’ accounts led police to believe that Wesson controlled his family in a cult-like manner, and that he possibly had fathered several of the deceased children with his own daughters and nieces.

Several of Wesson’s sons initially rose to his defense, but in tonight’s ABC Primetime they tell ABC News correspondent Jay Schadler that only now, years after the crime, can they see their father for what he was: psychotic, delusional and narcissistic.

Raid on doomsday cult shot in the arm for crusade against fringe religions

cults A month after South Australian police raided more than a dozen properties associated with the bizarre Adelaide-based Agape Ministries doomsday cult, several questions remain unanswered.

But for independent senator Nick Xenophon the weapons found during the raids are a chilling reminder that decisive action must be taken to prevent cults getting footholds in Australian society.

Cult leader Goel Ratzon’s ‘wives’ begin lengthy treatment

Goel Ratzon Law enforcement and welfare officials have begun their attempt to bring ‘polygamist cult’ leader Goel Ratzon to justice, but experts told Ynet Tuesday that the process of rehabilitating the women ‘married’ to him would be a lengthy one.

Gabi Zohar, a social worker with years of experience caring for cult victims, explained that even the women who are rehabilitated will probably remain emotionally fragile.

French aristocrats break free from sect leader Thierry Tilly

Thierry Tilly Three generations of an aristocratic French family have “awoken” from the spell of an Oxford-based guru who is accused of spinning a lurid fantasy to rob them of their fortune.

At least eight members of the Védrines family, aged between 96 and 24, are now said to be ready to give evidence against Thierry Tilly, a self-proclaimed financial genius, master spy and agent of an age-old secret order.