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Bob Larson is an ‘evangelist’ and — reportedly using mail order credentials — ‘reverend’ who markets himself as “the world’s foremost expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena.”

It’s a ridiculous claim that few, if any, true cult experts and Christian apologists would support. Most would warn against any involvement with Larson, his ‘DWJD® (Do What Jesus Did)’ seminars, or his ‘Spiritual Freedom Church.’

Larson claims to perform exorcisms, and has gained a lot of publicity with his team of ‘Teenage Exorcists.”

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Toledo gets visit from ‘The Exorcist’

Larson holds ‘Spiritual Freedom Conference’ “You people are too uptight. Relax! It’s just an exorcism,” says the Rev. Bob Larson, stalking the crowd at the Clarion Westgate Hotel ballroom in Toledo in search of demons. The Denver minister known as The Exorcist walks around the room, microphone in hand, eyeing individuals in the crowd of 150, his spiritual antenna tuning in to unseen forces. “So, are you ready? Have you put up enough with the devil?,” he asks the crowd attending his Spiritual Freedom Conference, held Tuesday night. “Not everyone spits green pea soup and has their head rotate 360

A hallowed day for real witches

The moon, nearly full, rises over the black silhouette of trees on Lafayette Street, where a line of witches spills out the door of the First Unitarian Church of Denver, ready for ritual. On the steps, a silver-haired Denver witch, the Rev. M. Alia Denny, chats with a young woman about Celtic deities. “Hey, have you ever heard of the god Fergus?” she calls over to Jacqueline Weller, a short, jovial woman who has practiced witchcraft in Denver for 25 years. “No,” says Weller. This high priestess of Wicca, regally attired in a long scarlet gown and a maroon shawl

Waging battle between good and evil

Performing exorcisms and saving souls is just all part of a day’s work for American preacher Bob Larson, writes Jill Stark. It took six grown men to hold down a snarling John Safran when he underwent an exorcism on national television. In a skirmish of flailing limbs and gnashing teeth, the sardonic broadcaster seemed to succumb to forces beyond his control. It was disturbing viewing that visibly shook him and left his petrified camera crew praying for divine intervention. But was he really possessed by demons, or just the victim of a clever hypnotist? Safran, born Jewish and now an

Hold Your Demons

Satan is alive and well in the Pasadena Sheraton’s Magnolia Room. “We got some seats right up front where the good stuff is,” offers Bob Larson, who is about to demonstrate a live exorcism before 150 people. “You can see the whites of the demons’ eyeballs up here.” Once the king of the Christian airwaves with his nationally syndicated radio show Talk Back With Bob Larson and his TV program In the Name of Satan, the holy warrior currently focuses his energies on casting out demons and raising DWJD (“Do What Jesus Did”) spiritual freedom teams. (“Not ‘What Would Jesus

Exorcist Makes Trip to Little Rock

Little Rock – It’s hardly an every day profession, but a Colorado man says casting out demons in an exorcism is all in a days work. This weekend in Little Rock, Minister Bob Larson, is holding a conference, and he fully expects to perform exorcisms.  Channel 7’s Michelle Rupp spoke with Larson today.  We first met Bob Larson last February. He offers spiritual healing to those with deep pain, which he says comes in the form of an exorcism. Larson is quick to point out, not to try this at home.  His methods may seem odd but he maintains that

Evangelicals Spar Over ‘Spiritual Warfare’

Associated Press, May 10, 2003 http://www.sltrib.com/ By Richard N. Ostling, The Associated Press Evangelical Protestants, who generate many of American religion’s notable innovations, are at war over one of them, known as “spiritual warfare.” This expanding movement believes Christians regularly become captive to in dwelling demons, which are often said to specialize in particular sins, geographic locations, objects or age groups. The believer is taught to rebuke the demon and command its departure in Jesus’ name, sort of a do-it-yourself exorcism. The practice is followed especially among Pentecostal and Charismatic Protestants, who are also known for such “gifts of the