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Jehovah’s Witness shot dead and wife critically-ill after being gunned-down ‘by daughter’s jilted boyfriend

Jehovah's Witness shot dead A businessman has been murdered and his wife was in a critical condition in hospital last night following a double shooting at their £500,000 luxury home in Cornwall.

Jehovah’s Witness Adam Hustler and his wife Amanda were allegedly gunned down by their daughter’s jilted lover who is believed to have been forced to end the relationship because of their strict religious views.

Judge orders baby to be given blood transfusion

Watchtower Society The leaders of the Watchtower Society — the legal organization behind the Jehovah’s Witnesses — claim to speak for God.

In reality, they keep changing their minds on what he allegedly told them — regarding blood, for instance.

In the process, they show themselves to be quacks whose nonsense has resulted in numerous needless deaths.