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More information and articles about cult leader Steven Tari (also known as ‘Black Jesus’).

‘Black Jesus’ killed * Teenage Exorcists * Syria in prophecy?

Bob Larson, who views himself as a ‘reverend’ and a ‘cult expert,’ nowadays markets himself via his team of Teenage Exorcists. Uhuh…

Jehovah’s Witnesses are in for yet another major doctrinal change which will drastically change their position.

Meanwhile, some Christians see the current problems in Syria in light of prophecy.

And in Papua New Guinea, a man known as ‘Black Jesus’ has been killed.

The murdering Messiah

While the local police have confirmed that the bodies of three murdered young girls have been exhumed from crude jungle graves, are these reports of child sacrifice and cannibalism true, or simply borne out of fertile imagination and rumour? And who is this brutal, murdering self-styled prophet?