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The Yoga Games

On a sun-soaked stage with San Francisco’s Embarcadero behind them, the contestants battled fiercely, bodies glistening with sweat. All was in the details. How was their posture, their proportion? Were they graceful? How did they execute their compulsories? How difficult were their optional big-finishes? Each went through the routine—men in swimsuits, women in spandex shorts and tank tops—as the audience, mute as a golf gallery, gasped and “ahhhed.” Standing Bow. Floor Bow. Rabbit. The Paschimottanasana Stretching Pose, which is said to be much harder than it looks, really. Liz Patnode, 34, trembled and winced as she balanced on one leg,

Islamic sect gathers in Surrey

BBC, July 26, 2003 http://news.bbc.co.uk By Barnie Choudhury, BBC social affairs correspondent Here is a small fact to bore the guests at your next dinner party. Did you know that there is a small part of Surrey called Islamabad? It is in Tilford and is owned by a little known Muslim group called the Ahmadiyyas. They may call themselves Muslims but they are ostracised by mainstream Islam for being impostors. This difference goes beyond mere name-calling. According to the human rights group Amnesty International, Ahmadiyyas are being persecuted and killed. Sharif Ahmed Abro, a thirty-five-year old from Pakistan, says he

McYoga for the masses

Popular yogi to franchise ancient Indian discipline San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 10, 2002 http://www.sfgate.com/ Julian Guthrie, Chronicle Staff Writer Yoga, the sacred 5,000-year-old Indian tradition that teaches moral discipline, slow and mindful breathing and purposeful poses such as the downward dog, has turned dog-eat-dog. A Beverly Hills yogi is scrambling to build the nation’s first yoga chain, creating a McYoga for the masses. An airline company and fitness chain have teamed up to deliver inner peace at 30,000 feet. A cosmetics firm is offering skin care products that promote beauty and bliss. Even pachyderms are striking poses in the new

Yoga and the art of making money

Bikram Choudhury demonstrates that an ancient practice intended to draw its practitioners closer to God can also be a fast track to wealth, The Sun’s Harvey Enchin writes… Vancouver Sun (Canada), Sep. 14, 2002 http://canada.com/ The ancient Indian practice of <A HREF="http://www.apologeticsindex.org/y00.html#yoga" "javascript:void(0);" onmouseover="return overlib('Click for research resources on this subject’, HAUTO, VAUTO, SNAPX, ‘5’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>yoga was supposed to bring the materialistic West closer to the Deity. Instead, the West appears to have brought yoga closer to Mammon. Devotees insist that the pursuit of money, power and fame is the antithesis of the values yoga promulgates. But, as Bikram

Chakra Full of Scandal: Baring the Yogis

Washington Post, Aug. 27, 2002 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A64895-2002Aug26.html By Peter Carlson How much scandal can America take before its poor battered heart just breaks in two? There are the money scandals in Big Business. And the sex scandals in Big Religion. And now we learn about money and sex scandals in, of all places . . . oh, say it ain’t so, Joe . . . Big Yoga! Shocking but true: The folks at Business 2.0 magazine have discovered greed, lust and egomania among the swamis and gurus of the stretching and breathing set. And the magazine has revealed all the sordid

Radical Muslims rally in London

BBC, Aug. 25, 2002 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2215163.stm A radical Muslim group which has expressed support for Osama Bin Laden is expected to hold a rally in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, despite attempts to stop it going ahead. The Greater London Authority (GLA) has refused permission for the al-Muhajiroun rally to be held, although it does not have the power to ban it outright. “We have received complaints in past years that al-Muhajiroun was using the rally as a platform for its anti-Jewish and homophobic opinions,” a GLA spokeswoman said. The rally is due to be addressed by group leader Sheikh Omar Bakri

Heavens on earth

The Scotsman (Scotland), July 25, 2002 http://www.thescotsman.co.uk/s2.cfm?id=799322002 Louisa Pearson How does the thought of going through 26 yoga postures in rapid succession in a room heated to 105°F strike you? Dizzying? Madness? Or does it sound like the road to enlightenment? Hot yoga, the creation of Bikram Choudhury, is the latest lifestyle choice to hit the headlines. But can the usual line-up of celebrity endorsers – this time Helen Hunt and Raquel Welch – and claims that range from improved health to increased tolerance levels convince us to jump on the bandwagon? Frances Corr of the Scottish Yoga Teachers’ Association