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‘Psychic’ Sylvia Brown dies; Spiritual abuse; Scientology …

A french bishop has acknowledged the issue of spiritual abuse in religious communities. Also: the Scientology cult has removed an illegal sign from a temporary building, but makes no promises.

Self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Brown, who notoriously claimed Amanda Berry was dead, has died.

Plus: Saudi Arabia’s religious police demonstrate the effects of religious insanity.

Religion News Quick Takes: Amish fakes, ‘honor’ crimes, Ark of Noah, Stephen Colbert, and more

Religion News Quick Takes In today’s issue: Your Amish whatever is probably not Amish after all. Televangelist Robert ‘Dr. Shine’ Freeman jailed. And a TV station staff entirely by veiled women.

Also: Philip Jenkins recounts a scary experience in Amsterdam.

Plus: Spending by Muslim tourists is growing faster than the global rate, and… Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Stephen Colbert team up.

Wycliffe Associates Stepping Up Support for Bible Translation in War-Ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo Wycliffe Associates, an international organization that involves people in the acceleration of Bible translation efforts, is raising funds to accelerate the work of Bible translation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)—a Central African nation that has been plagued by civil wars over the past 15 years.

The fighting has resulted in the deaths for more than 5 million people and the displacement of more than 2 million.

A great flood of Bible mistakes

Jeffrey McQuain, coauthor of Coined by God (Norton) and The Bard on the Brain (Dana Press), is the longtime language consultant for William Safire, who is on vacation. “In religion,” George Gray challenges a contestant on TV’s Weakest Link game show, “what is the third book in the Old Testament of the King James Bible?” The player replies, “Revelations.” That’s wrong on two counts. The third book of the Bible is actually Leviticus, which chronicles the laws and rituals overseen by the priestly Levites. Less obvious, however, is the mistake in saying “Revelations,” because the Bible contains no such book.