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Religion-related fraud getting worse

(AP) – Randall W. Harding sang in the choir at Crossroads Christian Church in Corona, Calif., and donated part of his conspicuous wealth to its ministries. In his business dealings, he underscored his faith by naming his investment firm JTL, or “Just the Lord.” Pastors and churchgoers alike entrusted their money to him. By the time Harding was unmasked as a fraud, he and his partners had stolen more than $50 million from their clients, and Crossroads became yet another cautionary tale in what investigators say is a worsening problem plaguing the nation’s churches. Billions of dollars has been stolen

Ex-con pastor’s ‘contentment’ tracking scams

A pastor writing sermons by day. An undercover investigator at night. That’s how Barry Minkow, a former notorious stock swindler, describes his life since he got out of federal prison nearly 10 years ago. His most recent undercover work for the FBI led earlier this week to the arrest in Melville of a man who allegedly was running a phony hedge fund, said Minkow, an evangelical minister in San Diego who also has set up a business to help track down stock swindlers. In Context ‘I was a teenage fraudster’ Ten Questions for Barry Minkow Cleaning Up : One Man’s