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Anne Frank posthumously baptized in Mormon ritual

Anne Frank Mormons operating independently of the Mormon Church — and in direct contradiction to the church’s edicts on the subject — have posthumously baptized Anne Frank in a Mormon ritual referred to as ‘Baptism for the Dead.’

In response the LDS Church has issued its strongest response yet to the violation of its agreement not to do proxy baptisms for Holocaust victims who are not related to a church member.

Mormons agree to stop baptizing Jewish Holocaust victims

Since 1840, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been encouraged to perform baptisms in temples for their deceased relatives. The Denver Post writes: However, the Mormon baptism of hundreds of thousands of Jewish Holocaust victims created a 15-year controversy for the Salt Lake City-based church. On Sept. 1, the church made an agreement with Jewish leaders, acknowledging that the practice had “unintentionally caused pain,” with an LDS pledge to American Jewish leaders to stop the practice. Yet church critics say it’s easier said than done, and the Holocaust exception doesn’t stop the secret proxy baptisms

Polygamous fundamentalists baptized by proxy into LDS Church, researcher says

Mormon Church Prominent fundamentalist Mormons, most of whom were excommunicated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for practicing polygamy while they were alive, have been posthumously re-baptized in LDS temples, a Salt Lake City researcher says.

“The LDS Church appears to be reinventing its polygamous history, as it ushers excommunicated Mormon fundamentalists back into the LDS fold through a postmortem back door,” Helen Radkey wrote in her report.

Holocaust survivors to Mormons: Stop baptisms of dead Jews

Mormon cult continues to baptize Holocaust victims by proxy Holocaust survivors said Monday they are through trying to negotiate with the Mormon church over posthumous baptisms of Jews killed in Nazi concentration camps, saying the church has repeatedly violated a 13-year-old agreement barring the practice.

‘Baptism for the dead’ is one of many un-biblical practices of the Mormon Church — which, theologicaly, is a cult of Christianity.

Jews, Mormons to Examine Proxy Baptisms

Jews, Mormons Agree to Study Database of Those Who Received Posthumous Proxy Baptisms Apr. 12, 2005 – Jews and Mormons decided Monday to jointly scrutinize a Mormon database that includes the names of thousands of deceased Jews including Holocaust victims who were given unwanted, posthumous baptisms. A committee with members of both religions will study how names get into the massive International Genealogical Index which has an estimated 4 million entries what processes are followed, and how greater order can be brought to the unwieldy listing. The move lets Mormons “see what we can do that doesn’t compromise our core

Mormons accused of continuing to baptize deceased Jews

SALT LAKE CITY — Jewish leaders claim Mormons continue to posthumously baptize Jews and will confront church leaders with a decade of frustration over what they call broken promises. ”We have proof, and we are bringing that,” said Ernest Michel, chairman of the New York-based World Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. Baptism for the Dead ‘Baptism for the dead’ is one of many un-biblical practices of the Mormon Church (which, theologicaly, is a cult of Christianity) An Examination of “Baptism for the Dead”, by James Patrick Holding The Mormon/Jewish Controversy chronicles the controversy between leaders of the Jewish faith and

LDS discontinues baptism for deceased Holocaust victims

Nauvoo temple was not involved in practice. NAUVOO, Ill. � A 158�year�old Church of Jesus Christ of Latter�day Saints ordinance pertaining to baptism for the dead is in the final stages of being redefined with respect to inclusion of Jews who died during the Holocaust. The Mormon Church Theologically, Mormonism – the so-called ‘Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ is a cult of Christianity. Given that the theology and practice of the Mormon Church violates essential Christian doctrines, Mormonism does not represent historical, Biblical Christianity, is not a Christian denomination, and is not in any way part of the