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Aravindan Balakrishnan allegedly ran a Maoist cult with his wife in Brixton, UK.

The Telegraph says that Balakrishnan, known to his victims as Comrade Bala, “ran a community so secret that nobody realised that three women, apparently free to come and go at will, were apparently shackled in all that time to their mercurial leader by “invisible handcuffs”.”

Controversial televangelist dies; Nativity scene party poopers; Scientology ads

You won’t believe what most nativity scenes in the Spanish district of Catalonia include — and this year around there’s a controversy to boot.

Some children have been confronted with ads for Scientology displayed on a games website.

And the controversial televangelist who, together with his wife, was the face of the world’s largest ‘Christian’ television network, has died.