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Aravindan Balakrishnan allegedly ran a Maoist cult with his wife in Brixton, UK.

The Telegraph says that Balakrishnan, known to his victims as Comrade Bala, “ran a community so secret that nobody realised that three women, apparently free to come and go at will, were apparently shackled in all that time to their mercurial leader by €œinvisible handcuffs€.”

Controversial televangelist dies; Nativity scene party poopers; Scientology ads

You won’t believe what most nativity scenes in the Spanish district of Catalonia include — and this year around there’s a controversy to boot.

Some children have been confronted with ads for Scientology displayed on a games website.

And the controversial televangelist who, together with his wife, was the face of the world’s largest ‘Christian’ television network, has died.