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Also known as The Allred Group, the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) is one of the largest polygamous sects of the Mormon Church.

While membership numbers are hard to come by in these type of groups, it is believed to be the second largest polygamous church in Utah (the FLDS, led by jailed ‘prophet’ Warrren Jeffs is the largest).

Unlike Jeff’s group, considered to be a cult both theologically and sociologically, the AUB has not been known for underage brides and other forms of abuse.

Order bars fundamentalist mormon dad from discussing polygamy

Joseph Compton A Utah father is fighting an order that bars him from sharing his Fundamentalist Mormon views with his children — or even taking them to this small town he now calls home, where most residents hold a religious belief in polygamy that a judge deemed “harmful.”

The constitutional and parental rights issues raised in the Compton divorce case have been the subject of similar legal proceedings in Utah and several other states.

Polygamous leader Owen Allred dies

BLUFFDALE — A leader of one of Utah’s largest polygamous groups has died at his home. Owen Allred was 91. Allred led the Apostolic United Brethren, based in the Salt Lake City suburb of Bluffdale and believed to have about 6,000 members. He died Monday night. Allred’s son, Carl, said he would like his father to be remembered as a “God-fearing man who loved his fellow men. His whole life was basically devoted to serving God and his fellow men.” There was no immediate word on services. When allegations of impropriety surfaced within the Kingston church in 1998, Allred offered