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Katie Holmes to face anti-Scientology protestors

Katie Holmes Mrs Cruise’s attempt to step out from her husband’s shadow will now reportedly be dogged by a protest group called Anonymous, who say they will target her play ‘All My Sons’ when it opens on October 16.

According to a spokesman for the masked group, the organisation don’t want to shut down her performance entirely but rather make a bid to ‘save’ Holmes from the religious group, famously followed by husband Tom.

Anonymous gears up for more Scientology protests

Scientology protest The Church of Scientology floods websites specializing in the publication of Press Releases with material portraying itself as all sweetness and light.

However, the cult is fighting a losing battle, as more and more writers and reporters — bolstered perhaps by the ongoing protests organized by Anonymous — expose Scientology’s dark side to daylight.

The internet pranksters who started a war

They’ve become the sworn enemies of a controversial religion, famous for unsettling online video attacks and protesting en masse in creepy masks. But the elusive internet group known as Anonymous didn’t start out with a concrete plan to bring down Scientology. Before they got serious, Anonymous members say, they were only in it for laughs.