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Report: Women Who Killed Kids Form Bond

Two Texas women who killed their young children in cases that drew nationwide attention have formed a friendship at a state hospital, a newspaper reports. Andrea Yates, who drowned her five children in the bathtub, and Dena Schlosser, whose baby died after she severed the girl’s arms with a kitchen knife, became roommates at the Maple unit of the North Texas State Hospital after each was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Andrea Yates not guilty by reason of insanity

HOUSTON, Texas (AP) — Andrea Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity Wednesday in her second murder trial for the bathtub drownings of her young children. Yates, 42, will now be committed to a state mental hospital, with periodic hearings before a judge to determine whether she should be released. An earlier jury had found her guilty of murder, but the verdict was overturned on appeal. The defense never disputed that Yates drowned her five children one by one in the bathtub of their Houston-area home. But they said she suffered from severe postpartum psychosis and, in a

Andrea Yates jury ends second day without verdict

HOUSTON – Jurors deliberated for a second day Tuesday without reaching a verdict in Andrea Yates‘ murder retrial but reviewed evidence, including videotapes of two psychiatrists’ interviews with the woman who drowned her five children in the bathtub. The jury of six men and six women has already deliberated longer than the nearly four hours it took a first jury to convict her in 2002. The current jury deliberated at least 71/2 hours Tuesday and three hours Monday. Before recessing for the day, jurors asked to review the state’s definition of insanity: that someone is so mentally ill, he does

Andrea Yates Jury Trial In Deliberations

HOUSTON Whether jurors find Andrea Yates guilty of drowning her children or innocent by reason of insanity depends on how they see her: a perfectionist afraid of failing as a parent or a loving but psychotic mother trying to save the youngsters from hell. Prosecutors and defense attorneys presented those very different portrayals of Yates, 42, during her capital murder retrial before handing the case to the jury on Monday. The jury, which had been sequestered for the night, resumed its deliberations Tuesday, trying to determine if Yates knew that killing her children was wrong. If the jurors find her

Expert: Andrea Yates thought she ruined kids

Feared one would grow up to be serial killer, another a prostitute HOUSTON, Texas (AP) — Andrea Yates drowned her five children in the bathtub because she thought she had ruined them so much that one would grow up to be a serial killer and another would become a mute gay prostitute, a forensic psychiatrist testified Wednesday. Dr. Phillip Resnick, who evaluated Yates about three weeks after the June 2001 drownings, said she knew her actions were illegal but didn’t know they were wrong because she was trying to save the children from going to hell. “If she did not

Doctor who caused Andrea Yates retrial returns to the stand

HOUSTON (AP) — A forensic psychiatrist is to testify for a third day at the second murder trial of Andrea Yates, who is accused of drowning her children in the bathtub. Dr. Park Dietz, testifying for the prosecution during its rebuttal phase, resumes the stand Monday. He evaluated Yates more than four months after she drowned her five children in the bathtub in 2001, and he has told jurors that she knew killing them was wrong. Dietz testified Thursday and Friday, in which court was in session half a day. Prosecutors were also expected Monday to call Dr. Michael Welner,

Doctor Testifies She Warned Andrea Yates

HOUSTON — A psychiatrist testified Friday that she warned Andrea Yates not to have any more children after she tried to commit suicide twice within months of having her fourth child in 1999. “I could pretty much predict that Mrs. Yates would have another episode of psychosis,” Dr. Eileen Starbranch told jurors in Yates’ murder retrial. Starbranch said Yates suffered from postpartum psychosis, which the psychiatrist said causes a mother to have delusions and lose touch with reality, a condition much more severe than postpartum depression. Yates drowned her five children in a bathtub in June 2001, six months after

Grandmother says Andrea Yates filled tub before slayings

HOUSTON – Nearly two months before Andrea Yates drowned her five children in the family bathtub, her two oldest sons rushed into the living room and asked their grandmother why their mom was filling the tub with water, the older woman testified Thursday. Dora Yates, testifying for the defense in the second week of Andrea Yates’ murder retrial, said she didn’t know why her daughter-in-law filled the tub more than half full that day in May 2001. “I asked her why … and she said, ‘because I might need it,’ ” Dora Yates testified. Andrea Yates was convicted of capital

Psychiatrist Says Andrea Yates Was Psychotic

Jail Psychiatrist Testifies Andrea Yates Was Psychotic After Child Drownings HOUSTON – Andrea Yates believed she was fulfilling a prophecy that she would destroy herself and Satan when she drowned her five children in the bathtub, a jail psychiatrist testified Thursday during Yates’ second murder trial. The day after the drownings, Dr. Melissa R. Ferguson said, Yates picked at her lip until it bled and at first showed no emotion, but then started crying and yelling. “She screamed, ‘Couldn’t I have killed just one to fulfill the prophecy? Couldn’t I have offered Mary? Are they in heaven?’” said Ferguson, the

Defense Prepares to Begin in Andrea Yates Case

HOUSTON — Prosecutors rested their case after showing how Andrea Yates drowned her five children in a bathtub, but defense attorneys say Yates had severe postpartum psychosis and did not know the drownings were wrong. Defense attorneys are scheduled to begin presenting their case Thursday in Yates’ second capital murder trial. Yates’ 2002 conviction was overturned last year by an appeals court citing erroneous testimony. Prosecutors rested Wednesday after calling 12 witnesses. Yates, 41, has pleaded innocent by reason of insanity and faces life in prison if convicted. Yates’ attorneys will try to convince jurors that a psychotic delusion prevented