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Faith healers dangerous for public health, Amsterdam alderman claims

Amsterdam The City of Amsterdam and the COC — an advocacy group for LBGT men and women — are calling for an investigation by the Netherlands Health Care Inspectorate into healing rituals offered by Pentecostal churches for homosexuals and HIV patients.

The healing services can lead to HIV patients forsaking their medicines, and contribute to the stigmatization of homosexuals.

Dutch church set up as a haven for smokers

Coffeeshop Old Church in Amsterdam Dutch smokers are flocking to a religious movement known as “The Only and Universal Smokers Church of God” following a ban on tobacco smoking indoors.

Michiel Eijsbouts, founder and “Smokelighter” of the church he founded in 2001, has insisted that the Dutch smoking ban in place does not apply to members of his church under national and European human rights legislation.