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French sect leader files Constitutional appeal

Alain Schmitt French sect leader Alain Schmitt has filed a Constitutional Appeal contesting a judgement given on April 30 which threw out his case in which he claimed breaches of human rights in the way he and his partner had been treated by Malta police, in prison and by the courts.

Mr Schmitt is wanted by the French authorities to serve a prison term after being convicted for kidnapping and extortion.

Malta court orders cult leader’s extradition

Minh Vacma A couple that was arrested in Malta should be extradited to France, a magistrate ruled on Monday morning.

49-year-old Frenchman Alain Schmitt, the leader of a religious sect, and his fiancée, 42-year-old Belgian national Laurence Liegeois, were arrested in their Naxxar home on January 7, after a European arrest warrant was issued against them.