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Romancing riles yoga classes

A popular online video starring a lech named Ogden has the yoga community chuckling in recognition and talking about the problem of men who come to studios in search of phone numbers rather than enlightenment.

Yoga going to the dogs

By the end of a recent yoga class, many participants were passed out on their mats, in a position their instructor calls the “upward facing belly pose.” That’s largely because about half the group was about to walk out on four legs: The Seattle/King County Humane Society in Washington now offers 40 minute classes of “doggie yoga.”

Catholic yoga: A Hail Mary with your Halasana

In 1996, when Richard Galentino walked into a Georgetown University gymnasium for his first yoga class, he was not sure what to expect. For Galentino, raised in a traditional Italian Catholic home and educated in church-affiliated schools, this breathing-and-exercise discipline long identified with Hinduism was entirely new.

Who, Me? A Yogi?

Yoga’s long been touted, particularly in its native India, as a philosophical and physical system that brings calm and balance to the body and brain. But until recently in Western civilization, yoga has been on the fringes, lumped with other alternative approaches to health and well-being, such as macrobiotic diets and primal scream therapy. In the past couple of decades, though, brought into the limelight by celebrities such as Sting, Madonna and Mariel Hemingway, yoga has moved toward the mainstream.